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Sally (312 Stars)


2022-01-24 20:07:22 UTC+3 for Wordle 219 4/6
2022-01-24 20:06:57 UTC+5 for being first to report Wordle result
2022-01-21 19:29:58 UTC+5 for Wordle 216 2/6
2022-01-21 19:29:23 UTC+4 for second to report Wordle today
2022-01-19 20:53:03 UTC+5 Wordle 214 2/6
2022-01-14 23:58:15 UTC+1 for guessing Wordle 209 6/6
2022-01-13 23:05:33 UTC+1 for surviving 2021
2022-01-13 23:05:14 UTC+1 for thanking me for being the starz custodian
2022-01-13 22:09:03 UTC+1 for mentioning starz website in chat
2022-01-13 22:08:43 UTC+1 for guessing today's Wordle (208 5/6)
2020-10-29 08:11:04 UTC+1 for giving me a random Pokemon (Zigazoon) back
2020-10-22 19:26:54 UTC+1 for donating to Andrew's baby shower fund.
2020-03-27 22:57:27 UTC+2 for declaring her love of Alex Turner (on Slack): "I would leave my entire life here behind on the drop of a dime tbh"
2020-03-05 00:41:22 UTC+1 for giving me a gift in Pokemon Go
2020-03-05 00:40:46 UTC+1 for knowing that Dinero came from Dinar
2020-02-14 00:04:18 UTCFor summing up the stars system succinctly: "It's random and it don't make sense."
2019-12-10 23:34:35 UTCFor saying "Good Grief" while trying to draw Linus' blanket.
2019-05-14 22:40:51 UTC+ for remembering Beric's last name, Don Derrian(?)
2019-05-01 20:24:57 UTC+1 for remembering Emma Thompson's name. What Abbey's drawing of Brienne looks like.
2019-03-01 19:41:06 UTC+2 for knowing that Ian McKellen plays Gandalf and Magneto
2019-01-29 19:23:06 UTC+1 for telling me to check my mailbox for the emergency keychain widget
2019-01-04 00:03:39 UTC+1 for saying "time is a flat circle" wrt her and abbey not exercising this week (jan 3)
2018-12-20 22:04:16 UTC+1 for windstorm Dad joke: "Too bad trees don't have Lifealert."
2018-11-16 22:41:39 UTC+1 for knowing what the Oilers are
2018-10-11 18:38:04 UTC+200 for waving to the webcam at Jackson Hole, Wyoming
2018-08-16 20:48:35 UTC+1 for watching 2 episodes of Barry
2018-07-25 21:09:18 UTC+1 for successfully maneuvering cart in the hallway
2018-06-22 20:47:53 UTC+1 for Killing Eve giphy
2018-06-18 22:12:40 UTC+1 for Star Trek joke: "Q: How many ears does Captain Kirk have? A: a left ear, a right ear, and a final front ear"
2018-05-30 18:40:52 UTC+1 for creating the word "clousy"
2018-05-23 22:30:52 UTC+1 for calling Andrew: "Andrew Degrasse Tyson" (timezone debate)
2018-05-16 23:33:44 UTC+1 for guessing Clodhoppers name
2018-05-11 20:53:40 UTC+1 for guessing Bladerunner is based on "Do androids dream of electric sheep?"
2018-05-11 20:52:35 UTC+1 for referencing Philip K Dick book in Slack: "Do androids dream of electric sheep?"
2018-05-11 20:51:31 UTC+1 for correcting me: Panic Room not Danger Room
2018-05-08 18:06:14 UTC+1 for Office 365 download link
2018-05-07 23:34:26 UTC+1 for docs on using Resource accounts
2018-05-02 00:35:42 UTC+1 for designated survivor reference (Abbey has no emergency contact in SIMS so I suggested that she and Sally stay apart)
2018-04-12 18:10:07 UTC+1 for correcting Abbey: "It's Inspector Gadget" (not Mr. Gadget)
2018-04-04 22:41:44 UTC+1 for saying "Subban is the exception to the no hockey talk rule"
2018-03-27 20:58:07 UTC+1 for using "Noyce" word in a sentence.
2018-03-27 20:56:48 UTC+2 for being sassy to to scrawny, juice bar boy saying "good luck" for her order of a ginger, lemon and cayenne shot.
2018-03-27 20:53:58 UTC+1 for responding to Sandeep on Slack concerning SFU Mail signage.
2018-03-27 20:53:24 UTC+2 for responding on weekend Slack first to my Tired comment.
2018-03-19 18:48:12 UTC+1 for watching Atlanta
2018-03-17 19:51:32 UTC+1 for defending my honour and referencing Pat's Plan(tm)
2018-03-17 19:50:16 UTC+1 for supplying moral support over Slack when I was at a sushi restaurant, also just responding to my Slack message late Friday evening
2018-03-15 19:05:23 UTC+1 for knowing that "Facepalm Dude" is Picard
2018-03-15 19:04:15 UTC+1 for knowing how to overlay calendars in Outlook for Windows
2018-03-15 19:03:49 UTC+1 for DJ Khaled impression "Asahd!"
2018-03-15 00:57:57 UTC+1 for singing the last line of the 'sfumato' song: "Let's call the whole thing off". You sfum-ae-to, I say sfum-ah-to...
2018-02-28 00:30:58 UTC+1 for using registered mail for passport application
2018-02-20 21:50:13 UTC+1 for saying that you can't "unsubscribe from a concept"
2018-02-05 09:33:24 UTC+1 for suggesting Christopher Plummer as Kevin Spacey's voice actor replacement
2018-02-02 20:02:17 UTC+1 for checkbox to Abbey's snarky comment
2018-02-01 00:30:44 UTC+1 for knowing that Abbey's turtle shirt ("help I've fallen and I can't get up") was a reference to the woman in the LifeAlert commercial
2018-01-31 22:55:29 UTC+1 for "that's like saying you would like water if it was in ice cubes in your Coke" in response to my dark chocolate preferences
2018-01-31 05:40:28 UTC+1 for naming pouting cat, "poutches"
2018-01-25 23:23:26 UTC+1 for saying "veggies are for losers"
2018-01-24 19:21:33 UTC+1 for watching "SW: The Force Awakens" in the theatre
2018-01-20 18:46:38 UTC+1 for Doing her paper over the weekend in the library.
2018-01-20 18:46:24 UTC+1 for solving Abbey’s Excel column header problem (just insert a row above)
2018-01-20 18:45:21 UTC+1 for showing up to Steve's party
2018-01-20 18:44:41 UTC+1 for properly pronouncing 'abacus'
2018-01-20 18:43:44 UTC+1 for jumpstarting a car
2018-01-20 18:42:11 UTC+1 for explaining cryptocurrency to her mom
2018-01-20 18:37:29 UTC+1 for Emperor Palpatine imitation
2018-01-19 00:27:51 UTC+1 for knowing what SEO stands for.
2018-01-18 00:21:17 UTC+1 for guessing the number correctly ('7')
2018-01-16 22:29:03 UTC+1 for idea: "A Sabbey mood tracker with Giphy integration"
2018-01-15 19:21:57 UTC+2 for giving me 2 apple stickers
2018-01-12 23:16:51 UTC+1 for saying "Slapping your boyfriend also works" while smacking a computer screen
2018-01-12 22:28:51 UTC+1 for deducing that [censored] may be interviewing for the Exchange Admin position
2018-01-11 23:24:35 UTC+1 for mentioning my long hair
2018-01-11 23:16:13 UTC+1 for snacks
2018-01-11 23:13:40 UTC+1 for fixing Outlook installation (more hacking...)
2018-01-11 23:12:56 UTC+1 for hacking old iphone case (cutting hole) to work with new iPhone 7
2018-01-11 23:12:37 UTC+1 for Gummi bears, Haribo
2018-01-11 19:18:04 UTC+1 for proposing hack to solve the 1/2 star problem
2018-01-11 09:29:30 UTC+1 for making commenting that the popular poop emoji plunger was, in fact, a "Poopular" item.
2018-01-11 09:22:33 UTC+1 for tasty snacks.
2017-11-25 21:22:45 UTC+1 for recalling that the Water Tower server centre utilizes water cooling as well.
2017-11-25 21:21:20 UTC+1 for digitizing analogy of reading books.
2017-11-25 21:20:30 UTC+1 for noting the new Mail logo looks like part of a totem pole.
2017-11-25 21:15:46 UTC+1 for knowing that Parkade means parking building.
2017-11-25 21:14:03 UTC+1 for guessing Michael Douglas.
2017-11-25 21:13:30 UTC+1 for baking me a birthday cake
2017-11-25 21:11:33 UTC+1 for guessing Starburst candy correctly.
2017-11-25 21:10:27 UTC+1 for guessing The Strokes
2017-11-25 21:08:38 UTC+1 for guessing Aldo shoe store on Granville.
2017-11-25 21:07:55 UTC+1 for drinking